The Do’s and Don’ts of Running with a Buddy

I was scanning through my favorites and forgotten about having saved this little article from fitstop. I think it has good rules about running with a buddy….However, there is one rule I think we ALL probably break! It’s the “Don’t bring your headphones” rule. When I run with a group or one person, we normally all have our headphones, except perhaps a few. Some of us just don’t like the sound of our feet pounding the pavement and would rather concentrate on our run than talk some days! Click on the link below. Read these and let me know what you think, what other rules do you have to add to this list or are there any rules you break?

Do’s and Don’ts of running with a buddy

So, I was thinking of the do’s and don’ts in this little article and thought I’d take a few moments to post them and give my thoughts.

1. Do call if you’re going to be late. This is definitely a good one. Of course, these days, it’s mostly done by texting. It is always courteous to let people know if you’re running late or last minute things come up and you can’t make it.

2. Don’t bring your headphones. Well, I did elaborate on this a little. I say “always bring the earbuds!” Some just run better with them, everyone is going to have a little different technique to their runs.

3. Keep a pace you’re both comfortable with. This can vary a bit too. Some of us are taller with longer strides, shorter but a speedrunner, and some just like to run easy. All in all, to me, this rule is about being courteous and not running off and leaving your buddies to a point you can’t see each other. Just at least keep your buddies in your vision.

4. Don’t be a conversation hog…..I kind of chuckled at this one…some days if you get me to talking, I may not stop! ha! Then, some days, I just like to run and not talk at all if I have things on my mind. I think we’re all kind of like that. Just roll with this one I say, but don’t talk to much, give your lungs a break like the article says. Talk in between breaks and during walks if you want.

5. Take turns choosing the route. Again, this is another courteous rule. Vary it up a little, the same old routes can get boring.

6. Don’t invite someone else along…hmmm, this one is a little different. I think it depends who you or walking or running with. I think it’s great to invite more along, the more the merrier I always say! I would make an exception to the rule here if it was my best friend who’s had a bad day and needs to get some frustrations out or if it’s someone who is completely new at walking and running and wants some tips or isn’t ready to join a group of running buddies just yet.

7. Do suggest new running workouts. This is a good one, but one I haven’t done just quite yet as I’m not sure what tempo runs are or speed drills are. I would definitely have to do more research and get more education on this rule! When us ladies run, well, we just run!

Have a great day!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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